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The First Post

Hi Internet.

This is for me to record and share things I’ve done. I followed this guide to put it together.


Check out this image I made.


This is a picture I drew of a fellow riding about in a trashcan with Styrofoam cups nailed to it.

Homebrew Temperature Controller

I’ve been making alcoholic beverages at home since I have been of legal age to consume them. I started out making mead, then switched to beer when I moved to a house across the street from a beer-brewing friend.

I won’t go into much detail about brewing, but I should mention that temperature control is pretty important. I was taking a couple of classes with a friend, and we needed to come up with class projects. We decided to combine the projects and build a temperature controller for homebrewing.

The control box, with all the electronics inside.

The control box, with all the electronics inside.

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