Three years later…

This blog was down for a couple years because I never bothered to restart mysql on the EC2 instance. Oops.

The whole thing has been migrated to a DigitalOcean droplet by following this guide.


  • I worked at Modular Robotics for almost three years (see my job application essay response from before I was hired there)
  • I left Modular Robotics in December 2015 to start work at Sensera Systems as a hardware design engineer
  • I joined the Golden Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter in February 2014
  • And a bunch of other stuff.

Modular Robotics Essay Response

I applied for a job at Modular Robotics back in January. I discovered them through Brad Feld’s blog, FeldThoughts, which one of my sisters recommended to me. They make Cubelets, which are little modular robots comprising different electronic cubes that perform various actions. They’re kids’ toys, but I think they’re awesome anyway.

Part of the hiring process included essay questions. One of the questions was to design an electronic system, which I put a good amount of time into, so I thought I’d post it. The idea is to have one microcontroller with a single UART communicate with up to four other microcontrollers through single-wire interfaces. I chose to multiplex the UART signal from the first microcontroller. Here is my write-up (with pictures!):
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The First Post

Hi Internet.

This is for me to record and share things I’ve done. I followed this guide to put it together.


Check out this image I made.


This is a picture I drew of a fellow riding about in a trashcan with Styrofoam cups nailed to it.

Homebrew Temperature Controller

I’ve been making alcoholic beverages at home since I have been of legal age to consume them. I started out making mead, then switched to beer when I moved to a house across the street from a beer-brewing friend.

I won’t go into much detail about brewing, but I should mention that temperature control is pretty important. I was taking a couple of classes with a friend, and we needed to come up with class projects. We decided to combine the projects and build a temperature controller for homebrewing.

The control box, with all the electronics inside.

The control box, with all the electronics inside.

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